WK2 L4 Fuel System (triple) 6.4L Grand Cherokee/Durango By FORE Innovations


Pump up your ride with Fore Innovations’ return fuel system, capable of 1000+ rwhp. E85-ready and all-inclusive, but be prepared for a bit of extra heat – and fun!


Total bundle price Products in bundle

FORE Fuel Type

FORE Intake Manifold Option

FORE Fuel Rail

FORE Primary Fuel Pump

FORE Secondary Fuel Pump

FORE Electrical Upgrades

FORE Fuel Lines L4

FORE Filtration

FORE Mounting Bracket

Fuel Pressure Gauge By FORE Innovation

Get the party started with our fluid-filled mechanical fuel pressure gauge! Mounts directly to Fore Innovations fuel rails, sporting a 1.5" diameter and a range of 0-100 psi for easy monitoring.Part Number: GAUGE