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Dusterhoff Racing Chronicles: December 2023 Edition

Dusterhoff Racing’s Monthly Chronicle: December 2023

Unleashing the Beast – Anthony Vence’s Record-Breaking Jeep Trackhawk and Insights into IHI Blowers by Jesse Kloth of SDG Motorsports

Volume No. 03

Welcome to the December edition of the Dusterhoff Racing Chronicles!!!

Ignite your passion for speed with Dusterhoff Racing’s December Chronicles!

In this adrenaline-charged edition, we’re thrilled to present an exclusive showcase of Anthony Vence’s record-setting 2018 Jeep Trackhawk. Brace yourself for an exhilarating ride through the pages as we unveil the secrets behind the roaring success of this high-performance beast.

But that’s not all — join us on a technical odyssey led by Jesse Kloth of SDG Motorsports. Explore the intricate world of IHI blowers, where power and precision converge to redefine the boundaries of speed. Discover the innovations, challenges, and triumphs that make IHI blowers an essential element in the pursuit of automotive excellence.

As the year draws to a close, we express our heartfelt gratitude to the racing community that has fueled our passion. From record-setting vehicles to technical revelations, the December Chronicles is your pit stop for everything extraordinary in the world of racing.

Rev up those engines and dive into the heart of performance with Dusterhoff Racing.

Happy Racing!

Dusterhoff Racing Team

A Conversation with Jesse Kloth of SDG Motorsports

Get ready to dive into the engine bays and unleash the secrets of high-performance engineering! In this exclusive interview, Curt Dusterhoff of Dusterhoff Racing sits down with Jesse Kloth of SDG Motorsports, taking you on a thrilling journey through the intricate world of IHI blowers.

Buckle up as we explore the nuances of IHI blowers, dissecting their strengths, addressing common concerns, and unveiling the distinctive features that set SDG Motorsports apart in the competitive market. This candid conversation between two industry experts promises to be a riveting ride for gearheads and racing enthusiasts alike.

Curt Dusterhoff: Thank you, Jesse, for joining us. To kick things off, can you provide an overall review of IHI blowers, highlighting their strengths and areas for improvement?

Jesse Kloth: Absolutely. In my experience, IHI blowers, especially the screw compressors, have tight clearances and high speeds. Bearing specification and installation are critical. Improper replacement specs or installation lead to instant failures. It’s a myth that frequent bearing replacement is needed for “race applications.” Genuine failures are rare, and noisy units in early models were addressed with a part number change around 2017.

Curt Dusterhoff: Bearing failures are a concern. What are the common causes, and how can owners prevent them?

Jesse Kloth: Improper bearing replacement and installation are top causes. The IHI screw compressors demand precise handling. Noisy units don’t necessarily signal failure; often, it’s a finish issue. Using quality bearings is key; shops claiming frequent replacements may lack confidence in their procedures.

Curt Dusterhoff: Blower failures are setbacks. What are common reasons, and how can owners address them?

Jesse Kloth: Rotor speed is critical. Increased speeds raise temperatures, affecting rotor and air. Aluminum rotors have limits; keeping speeds around 19,000rpm (female rotor) ensures longevity.

Curt Dusterhoff: In a competitive market, what sets SDG Motorsports apart regarding IHI blowers?

Jesse Kloth: Quality comes first. We prioritize quality over quantity and focus on what makes sense for the market. Extensive engineering ensures our products are top-tier in performance and quality.

Curt Dusterhoff: What are safe blower speeds for the 2.4, 2.7, and 3.0 IHI blowers, and what considerations should owners keep in mind?

Jesse Kloth: Safe speeds stay below 19,000rpm (female rotor). The 2.38L lasts longer due to its design compared to the 2.7L and 3.0L.

Curt Dusterhoff: Regarding porting IHI blowers, what areas provide performance gains?

Jesse Kloth: SDG focuses on component upgrades over casting modifications. Porting existing castings doesn’t yield significant benefits. We use better materials and R&D to enhance strength and airflow, providing the best components for the Hellcat platform.

Curt Dusterhoff: Beyond technical aspects, what interests Hellcat owners about IHI blowers?

Jesse Kloth: The Hellcat experience is already fantastic, but our products enhance the “go” part, making it more extreme and enjoyable for Hellcat owners.

Curt Dusterhoff: Thanks for your time, Jesse. I appreciate you providing some insight into many of these topics and hopefully, our readers do as well.

Unleashing The Beast:

Anthony Vence’s Trackhawk Roars with TNA Motorsports and Dusterhoff Racing Magic

In the heart of high-performance customization, where power meets passion, Anthony Vence’s Trackhawk stands as a testament to the relentless pursuit of speed and precision. Built and tuned by the dynamic duo of TNA Motorsports and Dusterhoff Racing, this Jeep has undergone a remarkable transformation, turning it into a quarter-mile monster that commands attention on and off the track.

The Birth of a Speed Demon

Vence’s journey with high-performance vehicles began with a road-racing adventure in his 800 horsepower 2009 GTR on New York safety track roads. When the news of Trackhawks hit the automotive scene, he couldn’t resist the urge to own one. The saga of his Trackhawk started on January 31, 2018, and since then, it has become an ongoing project, fueled by a passion that refuses to be extinguished.

A Retired Cop Turned Quarter-Mile Challenger

A retired New York City police officer, Vence found solace and thrill in the pursuit of pushing his Trackhawk to the limits. From a stock vehicle to a 8.77-second quarter-mile time, his journey became a personal challenge, competing against himself to break his own records.

The Collaborative Symphony: TNA Motorsports and Dusterhoff Racing

At the heart of this Trackhawk’s evolution are the maestros at TNA Motorsports and Dusterhoff Racing. TNA, responsible for building the Jeep, laid the foundation for its raw power. Every step of the way, Dusterhoff Racing provided invaluable tuning expertise and build advice, creating a symbiotic relationship that elevated the Trackhawk to unprecedented heights.

The Symphony of Power: Mod List Highlights

Here’s a glimpse into the orchestra of modifications that transformed the Trackhawk into a roaring masterpiece:

  • Solo Performance Exhaust
  • Stainless Works Headers
  • ID 1700’s Injectors
  • 3.8 Whipple
  • P4D DIRS
  • MMX Spec’d and Built 422 Engine
  • GForce Outlaw Axles
  • Fore Innovations L4 Fuel System
  • PURE Driveline Stage 2 Transmission
  • A whole bunch of billet and carbon fiber dress-up goodies to make this thing look as good as it runs

An Ongoing Saga of Evolution

Vence’s initial mods included aesthetic enhancements, such as a hood from Sarona and a front lip. A pivotal moment came when TNA and Vence connected with Curt at Dusterhoff Racing. Together, they opted for the MMX 422 Stroker and shifted tuners, marking a turning point in the Trackhawk’s history.

The Personal Touch: TNA and Dusterhoff Racing

Vence emphasizes the personalized service and attention his car receives from TNA and Dusterhoff Racing. The relationships forged over the years highlight not only technical prowess but also a genuine concern for the customer’s safety. The collaboration between these two entities has become a narrative of trust and reliability, transcending the typical tuner-client relationship.

A Glimpse into the Future

As Vence looks ahead, he expresses excitement about pushing the Trackhawk’s limits further with Dusterhoff Racing. The unwavering commitment to excellence and safety echoes through his words, ensuring that the journey of speed, power, and precision continues to captivate enthusiasts.

Anthony Vence’s Trackhawk is more than a modified SUV; it’s a testament to the dedication of a retired cop turned speed enthusiast, backed by the expertise of TNA Motorsports and Dusterhoff Racing. In the world of high-performance customization, this Trackhawk stands tall as a roaring masterpiece, ready to conquer new horizons on the asphalt. Stay tuned for the next chapter in this high-speed saga!

Shop Talk:

Here’s What’s Going On in the Dusterhoff Racing Shop

As December winds to a close, Dusterhoff Racing is gearing up for an exhilarating finish to the year. The much-anticipated arrival of our Demon 170 has ignited a flurry of activity in the shop. Swiftly moving into action, we’ve wasted no time in transforming this beast into a true powerhouse. Already equipped with a 15-inch conversion and a freshly unlocked PCM, the Demon 170 is well on its way to hitting the track and laying down some serious numbers. We’re hoping having one of these cars in-house leads to some innovation shortly for all of our tuning clients.

But that’s not all that’s been burning rubber in our world. We’ve accelerated into a new era with the launch of our revamped website. While we fine-tune a few details, the improved interface promises a seamless experience for both our valued customers and our dedicated team. The upgrade marks a significant stride forward, offering enhanced order tracking, inventory management, and tuning systems.

Behind the scenes, our commitment to excellence continues to drive us. We’re expanding our inventory to ensure we have the parts you need when you need them. Our focus on building robust systems for order processing, inventory tracking, and tuning reflects our dedication to providing top-notch service.

As we hurtle towards the end of the year, Dusterhoff Racing is not just embracing change; we’re engineering it. Stay tuned for more updates as we push the boundaries of performance and innovation in the world of racing.

Check out the new site by clicking below for all of our parts, packages and tuning listings and, as always, thanks for your continued business and support.


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