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DT Racing Chronicles – Vol 2

Dusterhoff Racing Chronicles: November 2023 Edition

Dusterhoff Racing’s Monthly Chronicle: November 2023

Black Friday Blaze, Whipple Wonders, and Plum Crazy Power!

Volume No. 02

Welcome to the November edition of the Dusterhoff Racing Chronicles!!!

Rev up your engines and get ready for a high-octane journey brought to you by Dusterhoff Racing.

In the November edition we’re thrilled to bring you an exclusive interview with Dustin Whipple of Whipple Superchargers, delving into the innovations and inspirations behind the renowned brand.

Buckle up for a featured article spotlighting Chris Thomas’ awe-inspiring Plum Crazy Challenger, where power meets precision. Discover the thrilling story behind this remarkable machine that has dominated the tracks, setting records and leaving a trail of victories in its wake.

As we embrace the spirit of gratitude and acceleration, don’t miss out on our Black Friday Blaze section, where we unveil exclusive deals crafted with precision to elevate your racing experience.

Join us as we navigate the curves of performance, unveil the horsepower secrets with Dustin Whipple, marvel at the Plum Crazy Power, and gear up for unbeatable Black Friday offers. Dusterhoff Racing is your pit stop for everything extraordinary in the world of racing.

Let the engines roar as the excitement unfolds in this edition of our monthly newsletter!!!

Happy Racing!

Dusterhoff Racing Team

A Conversation with Dustin Whipple

Welcome, automotive enthusiasts! Today, we have the privilege of delving into the dynamic world of high-performance superchargers with none other than Dustin Whipple, the visionary owner of Whipple Superchargers. Known for their relentless pursuit of power and innovation, Whipple Superchargers has long been a trailblazer in the industry, consistently pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

In this exclusive interview with Dustin Whipple, we explore the triumphs and challenges faced by Whipple Superchargers, particularly in light of the Gen 5 Hellcat superchargers. Join us as we navigate through the highs and lows, gaining valuable insights into the lessons learned, corrective actions taken, and the exciting advancements heralded by the new Gen 6 supercharger lineup for Hellcats.

Fasten your seatbelts and get ready for an engaging conversation with a key figure in the automotive world. Let’s dive into the heart of supercharger technology and innovation with the driving force behind Whipple Superchargers, Dustin Whipple himself.

Curt Dusterhoff – “Whipple Superchargers has a strong, long-standing reputation in the industry for high-performance automotive products. Can you share with our audience some of the key successes and achievements that Whipple Superchargers has had recently?”

Dustin Whipple – “In the supercharging industry, few stories are as compelling as the rise of Whipple Superchargers. From the modest foundation of a two-person operation, our family-owned powerhouse has expanded to a team of over 80 dedicated employees. Over the last 35 years, Whipple has not just grown in numbers but also in stature, adding a substantial 60,000 square feet to their facility to boost their assembly and manufacturing capabilities.

This expansion reflects more than just physical growth; it symbolizes a transformation from merely importing superchargers and creating kits, to innovating and producing entire supercharging systems in-house. This shift has enabled Whipple to craft the latest integrated solutions tailored to a multitude of applications, pushing the envelope of what’s possible in supercharging technology.

The journey of continuous development and innovation has been nothing short of inspirational. With each passing year, we’ve introduced newer and more sophisticated solutions that have propelled the entire industry forward. It’s this pioneering spirit that has kept us at the forefront, shaping the future of supercharging.

Maintaining our status as a family-owned and operated entity, Whipple has resisted the siren call of private equity. This independence is the cornerstone of our philosophy, allowing us to remain agile and responsive to market needs, to build products driven by passion and insight, and to continue evolving in the direction that aligns with our vision.

As Whipple Superchargers surpasses 35 years of operation, we stand as a testament to innovation, growth, and the unyielding spirit of a family business that’s made a monumental impact on the supercharging landscape.”

Curt Dusterhoff – “I’ve heard exciting things about the new Gen 6 Whipple supercharger lineup for Hellcats. Could you tell us more about the advancements and innovations that Whipple has introduced with this new generation of superchargers?”

Dustin Whipple – “Our journey towards the creation of the 5th generation Whipple supercharger was driven by a vision to break new ground, yet the extraordinary performance enhancements it yielded surpassed even our own expectations. These advancements overshadowed the already popular Gen 3 and Gen 4 models, which was a remarkable feat in itself.

As we embarked on this venture, we were charting a fresh course without a predefined endpoint. The development of the 6th generation supercharger was an evolution, a culmination of years of meticulous research and application across a wide spectrum of engine platforms. This generation represents a significant leap in supercharger technology, achieving marked improvements in efficiency throughout the entire operational range.

With the Gen 6, we’ve managed to not only enhance flow but also simultaneously reduce power consumption and operational temperatures. These advancements have translated into considerable performance gains that are as evident in a standard GM truck at 6psi as they are in a highly tuned race-engineered 30psi Hellcat.

The redesigned port of the Gen 6 supercharger is a game-changer. It challenges the conventional wisdom around porting, with its as-cast shape that delivers performance without compromise. This design ensures that there is no sacrifice in low-rpm power delivery while continuing to provide increased flow as the rpm climbs, effectively setting a new benchmark for supercharger performance.”

Curt Dusterhoff – “Every product faces its own unique challenges. Could you shed some light on the issues that were encountered with the Gen 5 Hellcat superchargers? What were the main reasons for the failures customers were experiencing?”

Dustin Whipple – “In addressing the concerns raised about the 5th generation supercharger, it’s crucial to differentiate between perceived issues and actual problems. Since its introduction in late 2017, the 5th generation supercharger has been remarkably issue-free. Adapting it to the Hemi and Hellcat platforms required specific design modifications, particularly for the casting, to ensure compatibility with these vehicles, as opposed to the Ford applications.

The timing of the product’s launch coincided with the onset of Covid, which had a profound impact on manufacturing processes both in the U.S. and internationally. This unfortunate coincidence resulted in significant challenges, as our vendors struggled to meet their lead times, thereby exerting pressure on both us and our dealers. However, once we commenced shipping, the product itself exhibited no significant concerns.

The uniqueness of the Hellcat applications, often subject to modifications, did bring to light some issues. Initially, problems arose due to improperly designed nitrous spacers. The o-rings provided by the vendors did not accommodate the crush of the 32 o-rings, leading to substantial distortion in our housing. Additionally, modifications such as welding nitrous spray bars resulted in warping of the runners, which in turn warped the rotor housing during installation.

Further investigation revealed that the paper intake gaskets we supplied exacerbated these issues. This was especially problematic due to the unique bolt pattern of the Hellcat, allowing potential flex in the runners. Such distortion could displace the bearing locations from their designed positions, resulting in premature failure.

While there have been a few instances of parts having quality control issues, these have been consistently addressed and warranted. It’s also important to clarify the difference between “failure” and “noise at idle.” Failure implies the component ceases to function, which has been a rare occurrence. The primary concern we’ve focused on addressing is noise at idle, which, while annoying, does not constitute a failure. Whether it’s noise or some other form of failure, we are fully committed to standing behind our product to ensure our customers enjoy massive power without any concerns.”

Curt Dusterhoff – “In light of those challenges, what did Whipple Superchargers learn from the failures on the Gen 5 Hellcat superchargers? How did those experiences shape your approach to future product development?”

Dustin Whipple – “The challenges we’ve faced have been a catalyst for substantial improvements across various facets of our operation at Whipple Superchargers. They’ve propelled us to invest significantly in enhancing our quality control processes, refining our tolerance designs, deepening our relationships with vendors, and reevaluating our design criteria for future supercharger models.

1. Intensified Quality Control (QC) Measures: Recognizing the pivotal role of QC in ensuring product reliability and customer satisfaction, we’ve made considerable investments in enhancing our QC processes. This includes implementing more rigorous testing protocols and introducing comprehensive inspections, particularly for our high-performance models like the Hellcat. This ensures every component adheres to our exacting standards.

2. Refined Tolerance Design: The challenges have led us to a thorough reassessment of our tolerance designs. We’ve tightened these specifications to enhance the precision and efficiency of our superchargers, resulting in improved performance and reliability.

3. Strengthened Vendor Relationships: Understanding the capabilities and limitations of our vendors is crucial. We’ve invested time and resources into building stronger, more collaborative relationships with our suppliers. This approach has not only improved the quality of the components we receive but has also enhanced our overall supply chain resilience.

4. Revolutionized Design Criteria: The experiences have also driven us to rethink our design criteria for future supercharger models. We are now placing an even greater emphasis on innovation, efficiency, and adaptability in our designs, ensuring that our future products will continue to set industry standards.

These investments and changes are not just responses to past challenges; they represent our commitment to continuous improvement and our dedication to maintaining our position as leaders in the supercharging industry.”


Curt Dusterhoff – “Considering the setbacks, what specific measures has Whipple taken to address the Gen 5 Hellcat supercharger issues? Could you elaborate on the steps being taken to remedy the situation?”

Dustin Whipple – “In response to the challenges we’ve encountered, our team has implemented several key enhancements to our latest Gen 5 and Gen 6 3.0L models. These improvements are a testament to our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction:

1. Updated Input Shaft and Bearing Type: We’ve innovatively redesigned the input shaft and incorporated a new bearing type in our latest models. This update is specifically engineered to significantly reduce operational noise, ensuring a smoother and quieter performance. This enhancement not only improves the acoustic comfort but also contributes to the overall mechanical efficiency of the supercharger.

2. Auxiliary Idler Design: Our research and development team has made a groundbreaking discovery with the auxiliary idler. The new design of this component plays a crucial role in minimizing noise by effectively isolating the tensioner movement from the supercharger pulley. This isolation leads to a substantial reduction in vibrational noise and enhances the stability of the supercharger system.

3. Tighter Tolerances with Casting Vendor: Recognizing the importance of precision in supercharger performance, we have collaborated closely with our casting vendor to tighten manufacturing tolerances. This step is pivotal in elevating the consistency and reliability of our superchargers. By refining these tolerances, we ensure that each supercharger we produce meets the highest standards of quality and performance.

4. 100% Inspection on Major Components for the Hellcat: In our ongoing efforts to further improve reliability, especially for the high-performance Hellcat models, we have instituted a 100% inspection protocol for all major components. This rigorous quality control process ensures that every part meets our stringent standards before it is integrated into the supercharger system. This added layer of scrutiny greatly enhances the reliability and performance of our products, providing our customers with the utmost confidence in their supercharger’s capabilities.

These targeted improvements are part of our ongoing effort to address the challenges head-on and to continuously evolve our products. By integrating these advancements, we are setting new benchmarks in the supercharger industry, ensuring that our customers receive the most refined, efficient, and powerful supercharging solutions on the market.”

Curt Dusterhoff – “It’s great to hear that Whipple Superchargers is proactively addressing these concerns. Moving forward, what improvements can enthusiasts and customers expect in current and future Whipple superchargers? Are there any exciting features you can highlight?”

Dustin Whipple – “In response to the evolving needs of our customers and the dynamic nature of the supercharging market, we at Whipple Superchargers have initiated a series of comprehensive updates and innovations. Our focus has been on refining our current designs and developing an entirely new design that encapsulates numerous improvements. These enhancements

are specifically tailored to meet the diverse performance goals and power combinations our customer’s desire.

One of the key updates in our current lineup includes significant enhancements to our 6th generation supercharger design. The Gen 6 Whipple twin-screw rotors, the core component of our superchargers, have been re-engineered to offer superior performance over previous generations. In addition to these advancements, we’ve redesigned our supercharger housing. The new housing not only boosts performance but also simplifies the assembly and installation process, making it more efficient and user-friendly.

Through these developments, we’re not just keeping pace with industry trends; we’re actively shaping the future of supercharging. Our goal is to continuously provide our customers with cutting-edge technology and unmatched performance, and these updates are a testament to that commitment. By continually pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, we aim to set new standards in performance and efficiency, ensuring our customers always have access to the very best in supercharging technology.”

Curt Dusterhoff – “The automotive community values transparency and dedication to quality. How is Whipple reinforcing its commitment to delivering top-tier products, especially with the release of the upcoming Gen 6 Hellcat superchargers?”

Dustin Whipple – “In the automotive community, where transparency and a steadfast dedication to quality are highly prized, Whipple Superchargers is continually reinforcing its commitment to delivering top-tier products. This commitment is especially evident in the development and release of our upcoming Gen 6 Hellcat superchargers.

1. Advanced Quality Control Measures: We’ve implemented stringent quality control measures to ensure every component of our Gen 6 Hellcat superchargers meets the highest standards. This includes comprehensive testing and rigorous inspection processes at every stage of production, ensuring that each supercharger that leaves our facility is a paragon of reliability and performance.

2. Innovative Design and Engineering: The Gen 6 Hellcat supercharger embodies our commitment to innovation. Our engineering team has incorporated the latest in supercharger technology, from improved rotor designs to more efficient housing, ensuring unparalleled performance. This forward-thinking approach guarantees that our customers receive a product that is not only cutting-edge but also reliable and efficient.

3. Transparent Communication with Customers: We believe in maintaining an open dialogue with our customers and the wider automotive community. This transparency allows us to gather valuable feedback, which we use to continually refine our products. It also ensures that our customers are well-informed about the features and capabilities of our superchargers.

4. Collaboration with Industry Experts: Our development process involves collaboration with leading experts in the automotive field. By working with top engineers and technicians, we ensure that our superchargers are not just theoretically sound, but also practically superior.

5. Investment in Research and Development: We constantly invest in research and development to stay at the forefront of supercharger technology. This ongoing investment enables us to anticipate and adapt to the evolving needs of the automotive community, ensuring that our products set the standard in the industry.

In summary, Whipple Superchargers’ approach to the Gen 6 Hellcat superchargers — and to all our products — is grounded in a deep commitment to quality, innovation, and transparency. These principles guide us in our mission to deliver superchargers that exceed the expectations of the automotive community.”

Curt DusterhoffThank you, Dustin, for taking the time to share your insights and expertise with us today. It’s clear that Whipple Superchargers is not just a company but a passionate community dedicated to pushing the boundaries of performance. Your transparency about the challenges faced with the Gen 5 Hellcat superchargers and the steps taken to overcome them reflects the integrity of Whipple Superchargers. We look forward to witnessing the continued success of your innovative Gen 6 Hellcat superchargers and the impact they will undoubtedly have on the automotive world. On behalf of Dusterhoff Racing and our audience, thank you for inspiring us with your commitment to excellence and continuous improvement.

Plum Crazy Power:

Unveiling Chris Thomas’ No.92 2016 Hellcat Challenger

In the heart of the drag racing world, where speed meets passion, one car has consistently dominated the scene – Chris Thomas’ No.92 2016 Hellcat Challenger. This Plum Crazy powerhouse has etched its name in the annals of racing history, leaving a trail of victories in its wake, thanks in part to the expert tuning and build advice provided by Dusterhoff Racing.

A Legacy of Speed and Precision

Originally modified in 2019, the Hellcat Challenger swiftly climbed the ranks, remaining a Full Bolt-On (FBO) car until April 2023. During this period, it secured an impressive record, claiming victory six times and earning the prestigious title of 2022 SCT Street Racer Daily Season Champion. The defining moment came when it set the stock motor/stock blower record, clocking in at 8.51 seconds at an astonishing 157 mph.

Evolution in the Allpar Garage

Not one to rest on its laurels, the Hellcat Challenger underwent a transformative phase in May 2023. Entrusted to the skilled hands at the Allpar Garage, the car emerged with a brand-new 6.2-liter engine, guided by the expert tuning and build advice from Dusterhoff Racing. This upgrade propelled the Challenger to further glory, clinching three more victories and securing the title of 2023 SCT Street Racer Daily Season Champion once again.

Powerhouse Under the Hood

The current setup boasts a meticulously crafted engine: a built 6.2-liter powerhouse coupled with a 2.65 supercharger, 10% overdrive, and E90 fuel. The progressive 200-shot nitrous system adds an extra punch, ensuring unparalleled acceleration on the track. The unported 2.4 IHI blower, combined with an AAD drag pack suspension, Dusterhoff drag springs, and a 3.09 differential with Performance Development rear brace and cradle lockout, creates a perfect balance of power and stability.

Precision Engineering and Performance Upgrades

The Hellcat Challenger’s exceptional performance owes much to its meticulously engineered components. From the FIC 1200 injectors and double pump to the DBL BAP (Boost-A-Pump) and stainless works headers, every detail has been fine-tuned for maximum output under the guidance of Dusterhoff Racing. The Suncoast TC (torque converter) and Starnes-built transmission ensure seamless power delivery, while the IC Chiller with a 1.5 auxiliary tank maintains optimal temperatures.

Conquering Tracks, One Victory at a Time

The Hellcat Challenger’s triumphs read like a racing enthusiast’s dream, all thanks to the partnership with Dusterhoff Racing. From the 2020 SCT Atlanta 9.50 index to the recent 2023 SCT Indy Heavyweight, this remarkable machine has left an indelible mark on the drag racing circuit. Noteworthy victories include the 2022 SCT Darlington Street Racer Daily and the 2023 Legion of Demons INVASION HRP 8.50 index.

A Glimpse into the Future

Despite its already stellar performance, the Hellcat Challenger continues to push boundaries, guided by the tuning expertise and build advice from Dusterhoff Racing. Racing at 4200 lbs with the driver onboard and running all three SCT classes on a single tune, this Plum Crazy beast has more to offer. With an upcoming race at Rockingham just around the corner, expectations are high for a new personal best.

In the world of drag racing, Chris Thomas’ No.92 2016 Hellcat Challenger stands as a testament to power, precision, passion, and the invaluable support of Dusterhoff Racing. As it continues to conquer tracks and break records, the legacy of this extraordinary machine only grows stronger, inspiring racers and enthusiasts alike.

Winning Record

2020 SCT Atlanta 9.50 index

2021 SCT Virginia Heavyweight

2022 SCT Indy Heavyweight

2022 SCT Darlington Street Racer Daily

2023 Legion of Demons INVASION HRP 8.50 index

2023 SCT Alabama Street Racer Daily

2023 Carolina Streetcar Combine-Darlington Heavyweight 

2023 SCT Bristol Extreme Street Roll

2023 SCT Indy Heavyweight

2022 SCT Street Racer Daily Season Champion

2023 SCT Street Racer Daily Season Champion


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