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Pre Tuning Form

To start the Remote Tuning process, purchase a FREE Pre-Tuning, complete the intake form, and checkout.. This form describes all the vehicle’s modifications in detail and we use this information to work up the tuning invoice and build a base file. Please make sure to fill the form out as completely as possible. If we don’t have good information here we can’t properly create the tune file for your vehicle. Once your “Pre-Tuning” has been approved, the proper Tuning Package for your car will be added to you order. Once your order is paid, your order status will be updated to “Tuning” and will be assigned to our Remote Tuning team. All tuning must be prepaid. PLEASE FILL THIS FORM OUT CORRECTLY. IF YOU DO NOT FILL IT OUT CORRECTLY AND DAMAGE TO YOUR VEHICLE RESULTS OR ADDITIONAL TUNING TIME IS NEEDED YOU WILL BE RESPONSIBLE. WE ADDED THIS CAUTION SIMPLY BECAUSE OF HOW MANY INCORRECT FORMS WE RECEIVE. PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO BE AS THOROUGH AS POSSIBLE