Mopar 2015-2023 SRT Hellcat 6.2L Hemi 92mm Nitrous Plate System By Nitrous Outlet


Add up to 400 HP to your Dodge Hellcat or Demon with our Nitrous Outlet 105mm Billet Plate Kit! Precision-engineered for performance and safety, it’s turbocharging your ride’s fun factor!

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Bottle Size By Nitrous Outlet

Add some serious power to your ride with our 10lb Nitrous Bottle featuring a high flow valve. Built tough and ready to roll, it's perfect for unleashing maximum horsepower on the track or street!

WinMax Window Switch By Nitrous Outlet

Take control of your nitrous system with the WinMax Window Switch. Made in the USA, this compact and user-friendly gadget ensures your nitrous kicks in at the perfect moment, every time!

Wiring Harness By Nitrous Outlet

Simplify your setup with the X-Series Stage 1 plug and play harness. Designed for beginners and pros alike, this foolproof harness cuts installation time in half, so you can get back to racing!

Purge Kit By Nitrous Outlet

Nitrous Outlet's "Big Show" Purge System delivers consistent performance, improved 60ft times, and a massive nitrous plume for the ultimate racing experience. All-in-one kit, ready to roll.

Nitrous Pressure Gauge By Nitrous Outlet

Nitrous Outlet's Glowing Bottle Pressure Gauge keeps you in the know day and night with its 1.5" white face and glow-in-the-dark feature. Ranging from 0 to 1500 PSI, it's easy to keep your nitrous system in check.

Fuel Pressure Gauge By Nitrous Outlet

Nitrous Outlet's Glowing Fuel Pressure Gauge lights up the night with its 1.5" white face, ensuring you can monitor your fuel pressure around the clock. Ranging from 0 to 100 PSI, it's your go-to gauge for fuel system peace of mind.

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