Dusterhoff Racing Molnar Direct Drop In Rod and Piston Package


Dusterhoff Tuning Rods and Pistons upgrade for Hellcat / Trackhawk / Redeye / Demon. Get the engine strength and stability to withstand more power than OEM.

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6.2/6.4 Power Adder Rods By Molnar

Molnar's PWR ADR? Turbo Rods: Extra tough for extra boost! Made from 4340 steel, these beefy H beam rods are ready for high boost and nitrous fun.


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Ross Racing Piston For Molnar Rods 6.2 Hellcat

Upgrade your 6.2 Supercharged HEMI with custom Ross Racing Pistons! Engineered for performance and durability, these pistons are drop-in ready for maximum power.