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What is required for Remote Tuning? What will I need? 

We tune using HP Tuners ONLY. In order for the process to smoothly, the equipment you will need is a HP Tuners Interface, and Credits. For 2015+ vehicles, you will need your PCM unlocked for HP Tuners. For 2018+ vehicles, you will need a HP Smartaccess cable. You will need a windows capable laptop, the HP Tuners software (available at: https://www.hptuners.com/downloads/ ), wifi / internet, and your vehicle. We also offer tuning with tdn and rtd’s as well. For this you will need a smart phone, tdn app and HPTuners interface.

We will need datalogging done on your end to complete tuning unless we are doing a load and go file. You as the customer are expected to datalog your vehicle with the thorough instructions provided to you. Without datalogging, we cannot complete the tune process for your vehicle as there is no way around this.

We cannot bench flash the PCMs, or mail them to you already tuned. 

The remote tuning process is time time-consuming and unique process to every customer. Some vehicles may only take one or two revisions while others may take many more.  You will be required to drive the vehicle and log it in different conditions including but not limited to wide open throttle. When asked for pulls, we are very specific with our instructions, and need those instructions followed precisely. Do not go rogue with your pulls if we are not asking for it. Only make one pull unless otherwise requested. If you do not follow the instructions as given, there is a possibility you can hurt the vehicle. We know by the datalogs you send what you are doing to the car, so please follow all instructions to the best of your ability. If you need assistance, please reach out to us.