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How does remote tuning work?

To get the remote tuning process started, we need a Pre Tuning Form filled out. This form describes all the vehicle’s modifications in detail and we use this information to work up the tuning invoice and build a base file. Please make sure to fill the form out as completely as possible. If we don’t have good information here we can’t properly create the tune file for your vehicle. Once the invoice is paid, we can then schedule a tuning appointment on the tuning calendar or send the tune to the tuning department for them to get started. If the tuning invoice is not paid, you do not get a tuning appointment. All tuning must be prepaid. Until your appointment is confirmed, you do not have an appointment.  Appointments are confirmed via Google Calendar invite that is sent to you that you must ‘accept’ to hold your time. Tuning is performed remotely via email and timely responses are needed to ensure your vehicle is done on time. 

Once the tuning department receives your tuning request, they will email you with a start file and request for a log. Tuning will be completed via email back and forth until the vehicle is done. You will need to perform logs of your car in multiple scenarios including wot log.